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Posted: February 4, 2013 by Dillon in Lifestyle
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Ball is Snapped

There is definitely no secret that I love football.  What I love even more is that the more you look into it (or any team sport), the more real world parallels you find.

Before any play in football, there is the huddle.  The teams join together in a small group and plan out their course of action, hoping it will prove successful.  However, nobody watches football for the huddle; you watch football for the plays, what happens after the huddle, and you hope it will be successful.  Is this really any different than what we do in life groups/Bible studies/fellowships?  You huddle together with your fellow group and you study, you strategize, and then you decide on the best course of action.  But the greatest plan means nothing if you don’t execute.  When we watch 11 men, be it defense or offensive, we are watching them execute their plans.  It should be no different in how we live out our faith!

We can go to church and hear all the sermons we want, but if we don’t put into practice what we plan, we end up looking like the Jets (or any other team that implodes).  And sometimes we have to be flexible.  I think back to the defining 4th and 29 the Ravens faced this year.  Their plan was to just chuck the ball downfield and hope a reciever could catch it.  That avenue was cut off; instead, Flacco had to dump the ball off to Ray Rice, trusting that he could get the job done.  If we imagine that we’re Flacco and the Holy Spirit is Rice, we can see the parallel.  Flacco was trying to make things work his way.  But when we trust in the Spirit, amazing things can happen.  By sheer determination, Rice was able to zig-zag across the field and make the play.  Sometimes our best laid plans will fail.  But that doesn’t mean we give up!  We just need to keep trust and find a new way to pick up the 1st down.


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