Can God Use Me?

Posted: April 4, 2013 by Dillon in Lifestyle
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You may have seen this before.  Everyone is guilty of thinking we’re not good enough.  Is that how God sees us?  Not a chance.

You think God can’t use you?
You think you’re not good enough?
You think your past disqualifies you to serve God?

Think again.
Look at some of the people God used in the Bible:

Moses stuttered.
David’s armor didn’t fit.
John Mark was rejected by Paul.
Timothy had ulcers.
Hosea’s wife was a prostitute.
Amos’ only training was in the school of fig-tree pruning.
Jacob was a liar.
David had an affair.
Solomon was too rich.
Abraham was too old.
David was too young.
Peter was afraid of death.
Lazarus was dead.
John was self-righteous.
Naomi was a widow.
Paul was a murderer.
So was Moses.
Jonah ran from God.
Sarah laughed at God.
Miriam was a gossip.
Gideon and Thomas both doubted.
Jeremiah was depressed and suicidal.
Elijah was burned out.
John the Baptist was a loudmouth.
Martha was a worry-wart.
Mary was lazy.
Samson slept with a prostitute.
Noah got drunk.
Did I mention that Moses had a short fuse?
So did Peter, Paul – well, lots of folks did.

Do you still think God can’t use you?  Think again.

  1. LOVE this! You and I have the same blog theme 🙂 I’m one week in on a 30 Day Challenge to start over with God. A little while ago, I was writing a letter to my little brother and God laid this idea on my heart that it’s never too late to start over with Him, that it doesn’t matter if we don’t think we’re “good enough” to come to Him, all that matters is that we come. At this time, I was reminded of all the people He used in the bible to do amazing things. I started wondering how they would have felt when God was calling them fourth. Anyways, basically it was nice to stumble upon your list since I had forgotten about over half of these people! I love it when God uses the ordinary to do the extraordinary. Thanks again and God bless!

    • Dillon says:

      We do have the same theme! I liked to say that Spirit-led minds think alike. And that is a GREAT story! I’m so glad that you could find some use out of this post. Feel free to subscribe/follow 🙂 And God bless!

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