Why Jesus?

Posted: June 30, 2013 by Dillon in Evangelism
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As I sit in the Middle East, I’m reflecting on the many Muslims I met (that was the whole goal), and it never failed that I would eventually be asked, “Why Jesus?”

I got to thinking about how the best way to respond would be. After praying about it this is what God gave to me.

Why Jesus? What makes Him so special? Jesus isn’t a contract you sign, and He isn’t a boss. He’s a friend. He’s a brother. And He wants us to be whole.

You don’t need to believe in a giant ark, and you don’t need to believe in a 6 day creation. All you need to believe is that a person could have everything they would possibly need, and still be unhappy. Deep down, we all have a yearning for something more. No amount of money or friends can ever satisfy that longing that we have. But God knows about that longing. God knows how badly we desire something more. And the amazing part, the inspiring part, and the heart wrenching part, is that God desires us more than we know.

You don’t have to believe in superstition. You just need to understand that sacrificing your life for someone else is the most loving thing anyone can do. And its what has been done for us. God took on flesh, God walked on Earth with broken, suffering people. God endured with us and endured for us. What happened was not fake, but it was the greatest injustice ever performed. A perfect man, God in the flesh, Jesus Christ was killed without any crime. It’s the punishment that we are due. Every action has a consequence, but God stepped in and
took that consequence for us.


Because He loves us. He loves us more than we can possibly imagine. And all He wants is a relationship with us. He paid the ultimate price and in return only asks that we trust Him. So whether we are broken, lost, depressed, suicidal, or searching, He is there. He is waiting for us to come back home.

Why Jesus?

Only Jesus can welcome you back home.

Only Jesus can cover you in a robe of pure white and say “this is my  friend.”

Only Jesus can take away our pain, our suffering, and our brokenness.

Only Jesus can take away the emptiness and fill it with love.

Only Jesus will love you with out end.

Only Jesus can bring us new life.


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