Stress Management

A Christian’s Guide to Managing Stress

How do devout Christians manage stress? Stress and anxiety to a Christian can be presented in a myriad of forms. When things go beyond of our control, we tend to feel anxious. In fact, the complexity of modern life and its uncertainties has made stress and anxiety a staple. As Christians, what should we do to manage stress? Read on and find out how you can survive stress in this modern world.

Lack of trust in God

Christians battle stress and anxiety each day. The very reason why Christians get defeated by this modern-day malaise is the lack of trust in God. While it is difficult to make a common definition considering the wide array of denominations, it is common to all that God should be in control always. Whether in work, play or home life, God should be the center and the sovereign. Every Christian should know that God has provided us with everything we possibly need to have a great life. So whenever we feel that stress is dominating our lives, it is possible that there is a breakdown in the trust in God.

Is it easy to just trust in God?

If only trusting everything to God is that easy; then stress would be non-existent. If we all know that God can help us against stress why bother having this conversation? Human condition is never devoid of trials. This is the foundation which strengthens our resolve towards Christian beliefs.

Prayer helps

Philippians 4:6 to 7 clearly suggests prayer as the most potent weapon against anxiety. We ought not to forget to thank the Lord for his guidance and every constant love for each one of us. We must always remember that all throughout our battle with these life’s trivialities we are never alone. If we only have faith in God, we would never be stressed out whenever we think about our problems. No matter how huge your problem may seem, the solution will always be just a prayer away.

Read the Bible

The Bible is full of inspirational gems that would give us the strength and resolve to overcome adversity. The Bible is a great way to reflect and meditate to what God has to say about your situation. God has already said the things you need to hear long before you were even born. Meditate on the Word of God and you will surely find rest. The more you read it, the more relaxed and stress-free you become. The Bible is like a faithful companion who is always ready to give you the verses to reflect on and find inspiration especially during those times when you needed it the most.

Draw strength from the family

The family is not only about relationships; but also the most reliable support group. Trust in your family to give you inspiration and support during trying times. They are your pillar and strength where you draw courage against the dimming light of hope. They will give you shelter when you are battered by the storm of uncertainties. Together with prayer and meditation, your family is the bastion on which you can anchor your frailty and come out from adversity virtually unscathed.

Draw inspiration from music

Praise music is always a welcome reminder of God’s love and it will keep you inspired that whatever happens in life, He will always be there for you no matter what. God is your one true friend that will never abandon you. Sing along with those songs of praise and worship and you will find that you are not only relieved from stress. You are also slowly becoming stronger against these debilitating effects of stress and anxiety.

The Bible said, come to Me all of you who are tired and I will give you rest. The Bible speaks of the ultimate rest for anxiety and stress. Keep the promise in mind next time you are battered by the waves of uncertainty and also remember that God is always with you until the end of time.

About the Author:

Ryan Rivera used to suffer from anxiety attacks for seven years. He now dedicates his life in writing articles that will help people in coping with anxiety, stress, panic attacks and depression. You can read more of his writings at Calm Clinic.


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